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1 Choose The Name To Appear in the Media Citation As Well As A Professional Profile Photo To Which We Will Add The Media Logos For You

Choose a photo which conveys authority, with a genuine smile and a professional look on a white background. The size recommended by LinkedIn is 500px x 500px for best results

2 Chose The Link To Be Used In The Media Citation That Will Lead Back To More Information About You

You can chose your LinkedIn Profile, your LinkedIn Business Page, your Website, any other Social Media Account. Chose wisely as we CANNOT make changes once you click submit.

3 Chose Your Industry/Specialty As Well As The Quote To Be Used In The Media Citation About Your Topic Of Expertise

The quote shall be 300 characters maximum. Watch The Video Tutorial on the left if you are not sure about what to say.
Your quote will be reviewed and edited as needed to maximize media pickup and the maximum of 300 characters available.

To enter the expertise, finish this sentence (with no CAPS, unless it is an Acronym): "I am an expert in...".
If you are an Author, put the name of the book - we will optionally recognize you for this, instead of your specialty - it is your choice

Once you Fill In the Application, we can get you placed into ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX within 7-10 days.

If you have any questions related to the application
form or our offer, please submit a ticket at support@prosperous BEFORE applying.

We CANNOT make changes once you SUBMIT your Application, so please proof read your submission.